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Client:                            Private

Project Type:                   Padel tenis club

Location:                        Sant Cugat

Proyecto padel Augusta 1.JPG

Landscape project of the Padel Augusta Club, in Sant Cugat; one of the nicest padel tenis clubs in Spain.


10 pists + one central pist for tournaments, surrounded by mediterranean vegetation:  olive trees, light catching grasses, sustainable meadows and a lush garden composition around the entrance and restaurant area to give a fresh calm environment    to enjoy.

Creating a beautiful environment with nature to complement good architecture.

Proyecto Padel Augusta 5.jpg

This is part of the restaurant terrace. Apart from the growing Magnolia tree and grasses, there are olive trees in pots that permit a flexible space design: Planters can be moved to create the needed spaces for each activity or event that takes place in the club.

How it started

At the first stage of construction, the builder team prepared the terrain for the padel tenis pists.

Various factors have to be very well planned to foresee possible situations and ensure its future optimal function and good quality. 

A well designed rain water drenage system is an example to keep pists and garden at its best.


General Landscape Plan

Proyecto Padel Augusta 4.jpg

Club entrance seen from outside, during a sponsorship of a car brand.

Proyecto Padel Augusta 3.jpg

Club entrance seen from inside the club.

detalle Proyecto Padel Augusta.jpg

Detail image of the lavanda officinalis and erigeron karvinskianus border.

Sustainable landscape design

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