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How We Work

Process & Services

Project requirements discussion on site

Understanding your needs and ideas

Provide fee proposal


Concept Design & Development


Feedback until meeting expectation in design

Permits and town planning submission if necessary.

Construction Drawing

Executive plans + constructive details

Product specification references + reference images

General timeline for the construction.

Project Construction with Detailed Supervision

Construction drawings sent to high quality contractors for pricing.

Budget and time management.

GREEN WALL bmLandscapes CASADECOR 2008 .


Writing on Computer

The bmLandscapes team is composed of gardeners, biologists, engineers and designers.

We collaborate with expert woodworkers, iron- and stoneworkers to build the projects elements:

Stonewalls, pavements, pergolas and custom designed pools, garden houses and furniture. 

We also collaborate with remarcable architects for major constructions.

Solutions are routed in client and community engagement;

+ contextual understanding rather than an imposed style.

Our good humour keeps us positive and proactive throughout the process.


         New generation of sustainable landscape architecture and design

sustainable planting.jpg

A garden or landscape connects us to nature and has a transformative relaxing power.

We create meaningful spaces for recreation, reflexion and exploration; addressing each project with creativity, pragmatism and responsibility:


We design and build our projects to give good feedback to its environment, with strong sustainable values, so that it maintains its core value through time, taking maintenance and possible future environmental issues into account.


Sustainable landscapes are re-generative, self maintained and can actively contribute to the development of healthy communities offering calm spaces while cleaning the air.

Maintenance + Plant and Tree Sourcing

Tree sourcing.jpg

We have been working together with our gardener team for more than 15 years, back when we started.

Allthough we work with other teams sometimes, depending on the location of the land or property, we know this team takes good care of our projects during construction as well as mantainance once completed, helping to mantain them and evolve to the best possible result through time.

If you have your own gardener, don´t worry, we will give you instructions for the gardens maintenance before we leave.

How We Work
Maintenance + Plant and Tree Sourcing
Sustainable Landscape Architecture

Contemporary sustainable garden design

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